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Monday Night Football Match Up: Broncos At Falcons!

Yesterday we saw a few teams redeem themselves after Week 1 losses in the NFL. We also saw a few teams that couldn't build one their Week 1 victories. The Steelers, Giants and Panthers are a few of the teams that won big in Week 2, while the Cowboys, Ravens and Patriots got surprised by weaker opponents. Tonight 2 big winners from Week 1, the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos, will face off in Atlanta to see who will continue their winning ways and who will fall short.

The Broncos and Falcons face off on Monday Night Football on this the 17th day of September, 2012. This should be a very good game. Both teams are well rounded and have very capable quarterbacks. The Falcons will have no problem stopping the Bronco running attack, but their QB Peyton Manning lit up the Pittsburgh Steelers defense last week for 253 yards. Of course the Steelers were without safety Ryan Clark, but the Falcons will be without Brent Grimes who suffered a season ending injury. So how do you beat one of the smartest QB's ever to play the game?

You beat Peyton Manning like you would any other pocket passer; you pressure him and that is what Atlanta will need to do tonight if they want to win. Peyton is not going to throw 50 yard touchdown passes, he is going to throw quick slants and short passes when he see's opening in the defense. Manning does not rely on his arm to win games, but on his game smarts. He reads defenses and audibles as well as any QB who has ever played the game. Last week Big Ben, QB for the Steelers had a great night until his interception in the weaning moments, but he was not protected by his offensive line as usual and his defense could not pressure Manning. His defense changed their ways against the Jets yesterday and the Atlanta Falcons will need to protect their own very respectable QB Matt Ryan if they want to win tonight.

This game leans towards an offensive air show, but you never know when 2 defenses will mix it up and alter the direction. The Falcons put 40 points on the board and they are as explosive as any team in the NFL when they are clicking. Both quarterbacks are precision passers so the team that shows up with the best pass rush might just be victorious. If it comes down to a QB having to leave the pocket to throw I like Matt Ryan to be the most successful. I like the Falcons at home in a close one 24-21. Get in on the NFL action by visiting here now! Until we meet again, may your betting be better and remember to always be a good sport.

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