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NFL Predictions: Week 4

Sunday, September 30th is the last day of the month and it could very well be a long day for the Carolina Panthers 1-2 who travel to Atlanta to take on the 3-0 Falcons. The Falcons are favored by only 7.5 points at home, which I find a little surprising. Falcon QB Matt Ryan has been on a tear and the defense has been quite impressive. The offense is ranked #2 after 3 games averaging 31.3 points per game and the defense is ranked #4 allowing only 16. The Falcons destroyed the San Diego Chargers last week 27-3 while the Panthers fell to the New York Giants 36-7. The Panthers have only scored 17.3 points per game under QB Cam Newton and the defense has given up 26.3. The Falcons will make this spread by more than 7.5 points unless Carolina pulls something out of the proverbial hat.

The New York Giants are 2-1 this season after starting off the season with a loss to division rival Dallas. Sunday night they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles who are 2-1. The Eagles are favored by 1 and I am trying with all my football intuition as to why. Sure they are home and they did pull out a last minute victory over the Ravens, but this team is far from ready to be the contender everyone seems to think they are. The Eagles are ranked 31st in offense scoring only 15.7 points per game although they put up 416 yards per game. You can gain all the yards you want, but unless you score they mean nothing. The defense has given up 22 points per game. I am not impressed. Arizona blew them out last week 27-6. The Giants have suffered some injuries, but they are still ranked 2nd in offensive scoring 31.3 points per game and 3rd in offensive yards with 426 per game. The defense has given up 21.7 points per game, but they won't give that many to the Eagles. Look for the Giants to win this one on the road by 12.

On Monday night the Chicago Bears 2-1 visit the Dallas Cowboys 2-1. The Bears beat the Rams last week 23-6. The Bears under QB Jay Cutler have scored 24.7 points per game this season and their defense is ranked #5 giving up only 16.7. The Bears are in the top 6 of all defensive categories. The Cowboys snuck out a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16-10 last week. The Cowboys are favored in this one by 3.5. The Cowboys have only managed 15.7 points per game this year and the defense has given up 18 per game. The defense is ranked 7th overall and #1 in offensive yards allowed at 250. The Cowboys have only allowed 137 passing yards per game as well. Neither one of these offenses has been consistent and has relied on their defenses to pick up the slack. Look for the Cowboys to win at home by 7.

In other NFL games on Sunday the Patriots should beat the Bills by 14. The Lions will beat the Vikings by 7. The 49ers will beat the Jets by 9. The Texans will run over the Titans by 14. The Rams will surprise the Seahawks by 8 and the Cardinals will win over the Dolphins by 10. The Broncos will beat the Raiders by 7. The Saints will beat the Packers by 6 and the Redskins will beat the Buccaneers by 2. Until we meet again may your betting be better and remember to always be a good sport.


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