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Sportsbetting Guide For Begginners

1: Introduction to Online Betting

2: How to bet Online
- SportsBetting Terms

3: How to be successful in online sports betting
- Which sport is best to bet on
- Ethics of online betting

1: Introduction to Online Betting

Online betting can be the first choice for any gambling or betting lover. One of the reasons for this is the flexibility it offers and you don’t need to be physically present at the booker makers place while making a bet. By not visiting the book maker place can help you save money too. Online betting enables you to place bet at any time either day or night.

Every person who is betting online is interested to know, “how to get the most out of it”. At online places you can bet on soccer, formula one, tennis, basketball, cricket and much more, but the betting world is both complicated and diverse, for this reason one needs to be very careful and should have a proper know how of the betting tips and techniques. In this guide we will explain you the online betting basics plus you will learn the tips and techniques about online betting which can help you make the most out of it.

2: How to bet Online

The first thing you will be interested to know is about the online betting basics. First of all you would like to know about the reputable online places, there are off course hundreds of websites providing online betting facilities.

But for a website to be reputable and authentic we recommend you to have a close look at the list of top online book makers, which can be easily found on top search engines. There are well established companies who are serving in the market for decades and having online presence, so we will advice you to go for those companies which are in the list of top book makers.

Once you choose a betting website, the next step for you will be to become a member of that. This can be done with help of the registration link found on the home page of each site. In this process you will choose a user name and password for your account. You should make a note of your user name and password because it will be required on regular basis for you to sign in at betting place.

The next step will be to deposit money in your account; the procedure for this varies from site to site. Some of bookers can ask you to deposit funds during the sign up process, while at other sites you can deposit funds at later times.

You can deposit money into your account via credit card, PayPal and other means which you will specifically find on the each site. Many site offer generous bonuses on your first deposit, so always keep a close eye on that. You can also withdraw your winning amount from your account with the help of “withdraw” feature.

You would also like to know that how much you can bet; normally the minimum bet amount is very small, upto 20 pence.

Within your account, you can also find a betting history page, where you can have an idea that on which bets you have been ON.

Before placing a bet you should be fully aware of the betting terms, below we will provide you an explanation of some of the important betting terms.

2.1: Betting Terms 
There are various betting terms, which we think is important for beginners to understand. Although the terms are many in numbers but we will provide an explanation of the very basic ones.

2.1.1: Single
Single is the one when you place bet on one selection in a single event. You should make sure that your selection must be successful in order to get a return.

2.1.2: Double
Double is one bet involving two selections but in different events. Both selections must be successful in order to get a return.

2.1.3: Trebles
Treble is one bet involving three selections within different events. All selections must be successful in order to get a return.

2.1.3: Trixie
Trixie have four bets involving 3 selections in different events. This type of bid normally have three doubles and one treble. A minimum of two selections must be successful in order to get a return.

2.1.3: Patent
A patent consist of seven bets involving minimum of three selections within different events. It includes a single on each selection with 3 doubles and one treble. One successful selection must be there in order to get a selection.

3: How to be successful in online Sports betting

If you want to be successful at online sport betting, there are some important tips you must keep in mind, these tips can guarantee your success if you followed it.

The key to online sports betting is to define your goal and attitude. When you make your mind to go for online betting, you must be crystal clear of why you are here and how will you proceed. You will think that most of the people bet to make money and this is their obvious goal.

But remember betting online is competing and a sort of social activity too. Always bet more, when you are winning and bet less when you are on the loose. Always look for the best price on betting sports game you are going to play.

Always bet on the sports game you love and you have a solid understanding of. Never bet on games which you only like and you don’t have enough knowledge of them.

In online sports betting you must be wary of the folk wisdom and superstition.

Make accurate record keeping as one of your habit. Always write down every thing that comes your way in online betting. Most of these things can be very beneficial for you at later stages. Like at some stage you will be interested to know that you are doing well at college basket ball or NBA, so this record keeping will definitely help you at that stage.

At online betting a doctorial degree in mathematics is not a requirement, but solid knowledge of basic mathematical operations is a must, like you can add, multiply, divide and can do %. Knowledge of these operations will help in sorting out numbers.

You should not get discouraged with any early results, as there is always room for improvements in online sports betting.

3.1 Which sport is best to bet on?

Although it is not possible to name one sport that can be termed as the best for betting online and a variety of factors must be taken into consideration for this purpose. These factors include lowest vigorish/hold, line and odds to choose from etc. But US based sport betters mostly like to go for baseball with its unique 10 cent betting line. Many of the experts also suggest that every game is best for you in as far as you have personal experience and interest in that.

3.2 Always remember

Betting online involves money, that’s why the whole process needs to be managed in a proper manner. Before entering into the betting market, you must be very clear of your monetary limits.

Time is of great value now days, when you decide to bet online you should allocate it time in order to get the most out of it and stay on your feet in the betting world.

Do not get sucked into the betting, always take regular breaks, watch TV, have a food, drinks. Betting online is also addictive in nature, and certainly without this ingredient of addictiveness it wouldn’t have gained this much popularity in the first instance, but we recommend you not to make it your only pass time activity. You should balance your schedule with other activities too.

When you are on the loose consistently, that’s the time to get back, and be careful not to use your living money into betting. Always put that money into betting which you consider as your entertainment budget.

Finally consider betting as an entertainment which is legitimate one. Although you will meet peoples making different claims in betting market. Do not bet when you are stressed or in severe tension although betting can provide you with a temporary relief but it’s not the permanent solution

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